Into The Night

Chalk FarM

TIC Records

The first 8 songs from the reforming of the band. Produced by Matt Hyde & Chalk FarM, mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde.


I’m so happy to hear new music from you guys (and very sad to hear about Orlando). The new record is a beauty, as good as anything else you’ve released. I know this is probably only a sojourn as a band again, but thanks for reuniting at least long enough to produce this outstanding record. If you’re ever coming the Northwest, please let me know as I won’t miss that show!

Kind regards and best wishes,


I’ve been a fan since “Notwithstanding” was released back in 1996. I used to listen to that tape all the time in my car and even more so since you all had Tom Lord-Alge mix it for you. I always wondered what happened to you guys and why you all just disappeared. I guess the label heads at Sony weren’t willing to give you guys a second chance afterwards. Thanks for publishing all your post Sony material to this website. Too bad it’s only taken 16 years to finally hear “Three 2s” and 4 years to hear “Into The Night.” Wonder how many years it will take to hear the next one.

Hi Robbie!

Thank you for your note. We will have one more mini-collection of 4 songs for sure that Orlando was able to lay his tracks on while he still had the strength. But with Trace having moved to Montana we have no idea how long it’ll be before we are able to finish them – but we decided that we will. In the mean time, we’re playing a special 20-year Anniversary show this coming Saturday (May 21 2016) at the Temecula valley Balloon and Wine Festival, opening for Neon Trees and Jimmy Eat World. Our pal Dan Lavery from Tonic will be lending his very capable bass skills to us for this show.


Hi guys, I love the fantastic music of the band
since I come across the album “notwithstanding” .

As I love it to listen to wonderful music by holding the cd in my hands I would like to ask you if there is a chance
To get the cds “Three 2’s” and “Into the Night”
From you directly. Seems they have never been released
In Germany??

Best wishes from Berlin.

I love every song on this – such good sound! I haven’t kept up w/ music scene in recent years (raising kids and working!) but very sad to hear you guys broke up and so sorry to hear of the loss of Orlando Sims. Because I am a dinosaur I need to ask if this is available in ‘hard cd’ form anywhere? I couldn’t seem to find it online. You guys sound really awesome and good to hear you still making music!

i walked into a Sam Goody Record store in 1996 and the employees were playing Live Tomorrow – i was hooked and bought it on the spot – the newest release is amazing and i wish i could go back in time to see them live!

Hello Chalk Farm, I’ve been a fan since the first time I heard “Lie on Lie” and am so thrilled to find out there is more music out there by the band. Are “Into the Night” and “Three 2s” available to purchase? I would love both releases, if they are available in hard copies CDs. Thank you, Rob

23 years ago tomorrow I saw you guys at a festival in Baltimore MD put on by 98 Rock called “The Shiznit”.. my friend and I watched you guys in the rain, along with Matchbox 20 and Better Than Ezra. There were about 30 people there but we had a blast and I wore out my Chalk FarM tape that year.. so happy to find these newer songs. So sorry you never really became super famous. Real fans knew you were/ are great- we kept you to ourselves and enjoyed every melody. Thank you!

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