Chalk FarM

Columbia Records


I remember seeing Chalk Farm with Dishwalla in Columbia, SC back in 1996. You guys were the best band that night, period. I still have my copy of Notwithstanding, but it is not in good shape due to several moves over the years and the riggers of life. Glad you have it here, but I wish I could find a downloadable source. There is a void in cyberspace without that. But, I will take what I can get 🙂

Man! I have wanted to hear this music again for so long! The ex wife took it 13 years ago and I just kinda forgot about you guys but recently got me a new computer, (she took that too☺) . Anyway, something made me remember and here we are. I bought your first album when it was new without ever even hearing about the band and fell in love with it. Been out of touch with a lot of the world, homeless for a while, but coming back now. I’m gonna check all the other music you guys have made that I haven’t heard but really just wanted to say thanks. Great website too!

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