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Orlando Sims 1955-2014

21st of Feb 2014It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the passing of our brother, bassist extraordinaire, Orlando Sims. We wish you would put in your thoughts and prayers his wife and 3 beautiful children who loved his warmth, spirit and creativity even more than we did.

We were lucky enough to spend some really great times with him playing music and trying to make the crazy existence that we call life a little bit brighter. He was one of the best bass players we have ever heard and if you don’t believe us, listen to the bass part of ANY song he played on (Chalk FarM, Debby Holiday, Chris Pierce, etc.). He wasn’t flashy and never wanted the recognition, just wanted to play and make whatever song it was sound great. He always seemed the most alive when he was playing, even when his body was very weak, the light shone very bright in his eyes when wielding that bass of his.

So today we lost a real artist. And he would probably want us to take some time out today from the madness that is our daily grind, sit with some friends and loved ones and LISTEN to some great music. Really listen. That’s what he did: he listened, he learned and then he played his ass off for the betterment of us all.

We love and will miss him dearly.

Michael, Trace & Toby


I seen you guys play in the early to mid ninties at the music festival at Ft. Bragg N.C.I was in the front row when you played Lie on Lie and Dont Believe. I was hooked, I play those two songs often on my 12 string. I remember Orlando with dregs and he played fantasti, all of you did, I’ve been a fan since that day. Good memories

When in 1996 I listened for the first time to” Lie on Lie” played on AFN 106 FM radio in Aviano – Italy, I was kidnapped by the envy of that song.
I did not know who sounded, I did not know who was the bass player, but that bass line came into my head and into my heart with all its beauty and energy! I discovered Orlando that year and his fantastic way to play.


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